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What do you get with an Entswood DIT?

              1. Transcode footage from format to format on the day
              2. Experience with a multitude of cameras including setup and menu knowledge
              3. Secure backups using Checksums
              4. Visual Verification of footage
              5. Archiving to LTO Digital Tape
              6. iPad Dailies setup with demo of how it works on the day
              7. Access to a VW Transporter used for location Datalab or Camera Car
              8. On set grading using DaVinci Resolve
              9. Test cuts using Final cut or Avid
              10. Camera assisting wherever possible (Especially carrying cases at the start and wrap of day!)


Paul Clements - Lead DIT for Entswood
Paul is one of the most experienced DIT's in the UK having been doing it since 2007. He has worked on hundreds of commercials, promos, music videos and virals as well as short and feature films. At Entswood we firmly believe that providing the Camera Kit along with a DIT provides our customers with a better all round experience.

We take pride in offering a friendly service that works and not simply sending out an inexperienced data wrangler that can often end up costing productions more than they save. You wouldn't let just anyone handle a film reel so why should shooting digitally be any different. Protecting your production against as many unforeseeable events is what makes Entswood stand out.

Beneath is a small selection of the companies and brands that Paul has worked for:


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