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  Digital Workflow

Here at Entswood we understand why some productions choose the Alexa. It's simple to work with and the work flow is basic and straight forward. It's a great camera because of this and the reason we support it. With the Epic camera we provide a DIT on set that knows the ins and outs of the camera should something specific arise but more importantly we provide a post solution that mirrors Arri's Alexa camera when using the Epic. We can provide Apple ProRes 4444 Quicktimes or Avid MXF DNxHD files for your shoot, usually at wrap for you to walk away with. These files can be used to do an online with and contain a lot of the information of the original version. Alternatively we can create a smaller file version of the footage for an offline edit. We can also conform your offline edit and send you an online version in the codec and resolution of your choice. There's simply no reason to believe that shooting with the Epic is more difficult than shooting with the Alexa when you choose Entswood.

Our Datalab forms the hub of making your production run smoothly from Acquisition through to post production.

Based on the latest Mac Pro system(MacPro5.1) and including a Red Rocket for playback, transcode and on-set grading of upto 5K footage, our Datalab boasts enough power to handle the most demanding shoots. The Datalab also includes much of the latest software including Redcine-X Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and many utility tools such as R3D Manager for secure verification and backup of your footage.
  Instant iPad Dailies with LiVE PLAY

Using the two supplied iPads, this service allows you to watch HD versions of what has been shot the second the camera cuts. Your Entswood DIT will setup everything and give a quick demonstration to anyone who wishes to use them.

Using software, called LiVE PLAY, directors, script supervisors, producers or others can add notes to clips, select the best clips and more. The iPad app is easy and intuitive and it'll be second nature to use in no time. At the end of the shoot day the DIT will produce a PDF version of any notes. This can then be provided to post production.
  Supply just one harddrive & Archiving your footage

Unless your production requires two or more copies, or you prefer or require your footage to be stored on your terms, Entswood provides a service that allows you to simply bring along one drive to store and take away your footage. During the shoot day we will create duplicate copies on set to our mirrored RAIDs. After the shoot is finished an archive copy is written to LTO tape with password protection. LTO is a digital format that writes and checks that every bit of data written to tape is exactly what the camera originally created. You can retain the tape copy for yourself indefinitely for a fee of just £60 per tape or Entswood can store it for upto 8 weeks after the shoot has finished free of charge*.

* After 8 weeks Entswood cannot guarantee a copy will be available, in the event of loss or damage during the 8 weeks you will be notified immediately. All tapes are password protected for your security.


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