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Epic by name, Epic by nature. Now available from Entswood, Red's latest camera features outstanding dynamic range, 5K ultra HD resolution and frame rates of upto 300fps in a tiny hand held package. The quality of the footage is as good if not better than anything on the market today and Entswood DIT's make it as easy as the Arri Alexa to shoot with.
Entswood is all about making your shoot affordable without the need to compromise. If you so wish, you need only provide one client/post harddrive on set. A saving typically in excess of £150. During the shoot copies are made to our mirrored RAIDs and your harddrive. Footage is later archived too digital tapes. Any problem just call and we'll make you a new copy!
In 2013 Entswood has expanded its lineup of cameras to include Arri Alexa's. We also provide support for Canon and Sony cameras. On set Data Labs, DIT's and post services from Entswood can help to streamline a production and save time and money during post production.


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